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21 January 2015
TruckCare and TruckSafe merger now in effect

The Australian livestock transport quality assurance program, TruckCare, has now become a voluntary module of TruckSafe.

TruckSafe and TruckCare operators are now able to use both programs under a single administration and auditing system, as well as only paying a single set of fees.

We’re delighted to welcome TruckCare operators to the TruckSafe family, and will be in contact over the next few months to invite you to continue your accreditation through TruckSafe.

For more information on the requirements of TruckCare through the TruckSafe program, please download the TruckCare standards [PDF].

TruckSafe and TruckCare members who have questions about the transition are invited to contact the TruckSafe office on (02) 6253 6900.

10 December 2014
TruckSafe and truckCare join forces for a safer industry

The trucking industry’s own accreditation scheme, TruckSafe, and the Australian livestock transport industry’s quality assurance program, truckCare, have joined forces to provide a single streamlined safety program for the road transport industry.

Beginning in early January 2015, truckCare will become a voluntary module of TruckSafe, with operators now able to use both programs under a single administration and auditing system.

truckCare Chairman Kevin Fechner said the arrangement would usher in a new era for truckCare and its members.

“The Australian Livestock and Rural Transporters Association (ALRTA) developed truckCare to provide a first class quality management system for businesses that transport livestock in Australia,” Mr Fechner said.

“By incorporating truckCare as a voluntary module of TruckSafe, we will be reducing overlap and providing better value for trucking operators who put safety first in their business.

“ALRTA will retain strong involvement with the truckCare program, nominating two representatives to the TruckSafe Board to provide continuing livestock transport input.

“We understand that some of our members who are not accredited in TruckSafe may have some issues with transitioning to the program. However, we feel that this will provide the best long-term outcomes for truckCare and our members.”

TruckSafe Chairman Stephen Marley said truckCare was an excellent fit as a new TruckSafe module.

“This consolidation is all about the industry coming together to improve our safety. TruckSafe and truckCare are both leading safety management schemes developed by industry, for industry.

“Members of TruckSafe and truckCare will now only have to have one audit, pay one set of fees and deal with one set of paperwork. It’s a great outcome.”

Ross Fraser OAM, the Director of Fraser’s Livestock Transport, said the merger would make compliance much simpler for operators who were already part of both schemes.

“TruckSafe is a very good system, and it’s been a significant part of our business. We’ve been in TruckSafe for a long time,” Mr Fraser said.

“It’s a fantastic management tool, and provides credibility for accredited operators. If you aren’t in TruckSafe, you should seriously consider joining.

“It’s the same with truckCare – it was set up by the livestock transport industry, and it’s a good plan for anyone doing this kind of work.

“The merger is a great idea. It provides improved administrative support for truckCare, and allows operators to use the same audit for both programs.”

Members of truckCare will be invited to continue their accreditation through the TruckSafe program in the coming months. Existing TruckSafe members will not be affected by the changes

TruckSafe and truckCare members who have questions about the transition are invited to contact the TruckSafe office on (02) 6253 6900.

26 November 2014
TruckSafe releases sun safety member fact sheet

Following Skin Cancer Action Week last week, TruckSafe has today released an exclusive member fact sheet on sun safety and skin cancer prevention.

Developed in partnership with the Cancer Council Australia, the fact sheet outlines methods operators can use to protect their workers from excess UV exposure, and signs that people should look out for when it comes to skin changes.

TruckSafe Officer Kevin Walsh said the fact sheet could be used as the basis of a staff toolbox talk, as well as posted on a staff notice board.

“Sun safety is particularly critical in the transport industry, as many of our drivers, loaders etc. are frequently required to work outdoors in the sun,” Kevin said.

“Australia has one of the highest rates of skin cancer in the world. However, the vast majority of skin cancers are preventable.

“I encourage TruckSafe operators to use the advice in this fact sheet to protect their workers from the effects of the sun this summer, and to share the information across their business.

“We will continue to release these fact sheets to TruckSafe members throughout 2015.”

To get your copy of the fact sheet, contact the TruckSafe office.

23 October 2014
Stephenson Transport gains TruckSafe accreditation

The TruckSafe accreditation program is proud to welcome Stephenson Transport as its newest member.

Based in the Gippsland region of Victoria, Stephenson Transport started servicing its local area with one truck thirty years ago. Since forming a company in 2007, the business has grown to include 4 crane-mounted trucks and an interstate transport fleet.

TruckSafe Chairman Stephen Marley said he was delighted to welcome Stephenson Transport to the TruckSafe family.

“TruckSafe is a voluntary program. Our accredited operators choose to go beyond what is required by law to make sure that their staff, equipment and procedures are the best in the business,” Mr Marley said.

“When you use a TruckSafe accredited operator, you know you are dealing with one of Australia’s safest transport businesses.

“We’re proud of our members, and their dedication to safety. That’s why you can find the full list of TruckSafe operators at the website,”

Stephenson Transport Managing Director, Paul Stephenson, said they were proud of their ability to tackle tricky loads safely, particularly bulky or oversized equipment.

“We joined TruckSafe because it’s a good way to operate – I think it’s the way of the future, and we want to be ready,” Mr Stephenson said.

“Having TruckSafe accreditation makes it easy for us to enter other schemes, and it helps us document the work we do to keep our fleet in top shape.

“It also helps us stand out from the competition.”

TruckSafe is the trucking industry’s leading safety accreditation program. It is an industry initiative that delivers competitive advantages to accredited operators. Businesses in TruckSafe meet higher safety standards than those required by law, and are audited regularly by qualified auditors selected by TruckSafe.

26 August 2014
From Justin’s desk

TruckWeek 2014 starts on Monday. If you haven’t already, I really encourage everyone to get involved and hold an event to celebrate our industry.

It’s doesn’t have to be expensive or time consuming – why not hold a BBQ for your staff, and maybe invite some others from your local community? Make sure you register your event on the TruckWeek website so the ATA can add it to the event listing and recognise you and your business in its TruckWeek media.

There are heaps of ideas and resources on the TruckWeek website to help you hold an event. I’d also be delighted to come along and help cook a few snags for your event – just drop me a line on my email below.

It’s been great to meet with our TruckSafe members across NSW, SA and Victoria over the last few weeks. I’d particularly like to extend my thanks to Sharon and Bob Middleton of Whiteline Transport, who generously hosted the TruckSafe Board and local members for a BBQ in their spectacular depot in Adelaide.

I was also able to meet up with a number of people at the NatRoad conference. A highlight was watching Jim Pearson, Peter Waugh (Divals) and Kel Baxter receive their plaques recognising 15 years in the TruckSafe program from TruckSafe Chair Stephen Marley and former Aussie cricketer Max Walker.

The board and myself will continue travelling Australia for the rest of the year, where we’ll distribute the remaining plaques to our wonderful longstanding members.

As always, it’s great to hear from TruckSafe members. If you have news or questions, you can contact me on

20 August 2014
NHVR safety and compliance alert

The National Heavy Vehicle Regulator has issued its first safety and compliance alert to industry following early observations of investigators on the recent fatal fuel tanker crash in country Victoria.

The alert offers important and practical advice for operators working with dog trailers, pig trailers and road train dollies, with a particular focus on assuring the integrity of the tow eye coupling on these vehicles.

NHVR CEO Sal Petroccitto stressed that the investigation into the fatal crash is still being led by Victoria Police, and that the NHVR was providing the advice without comment as to any contributory cause to the collision.

“Our safety and compliance alert outlines the facts so far and identifies issues for operators to consider should they undertake inspections,” he said.

“As a national Regulator, we are very aware that safety doesn’t stop at the border.”

Download the NHVR Safety and Compliance Alert 1/2014 [PDF].

08 August 2014
Ireland Heavy Haulage joins TruckSafe

NSW based trucking business Ireland Bulk Haulage is the newest member of the TruckSafe industry accreditation program.

Established in 2012, Ireland Bulk Haulage operates out of Newcastle through the Darling Downs and New England areas.

Director Robert Ireland said he decided that TruckSafe was a good idea in his previous role working for a different TruckSafe accredited operator.

“It’s a good way to run your business – it just makes sense to have your standards and accreditation in place,” Mr Ireland said.

TruckSafe National Manager Justin Fleming welcomed Ireland Bulk Haulage to the program.

“It’s a pleasure to welcome Ireland Bulk Haulage to the TruckSafe family. I commend them on making the choice to put safety first in their business,” Justin said.

21 July 2014
From the National Manager

I’ve just returned from a trip to Tasmania to visit all of our TruckSafe members down on the Apple Isle. It’s fantastic to see just how innovative our members are, particularly in the current challenging economic times for that state.

Along with ATA Corporate Relations Manager Steve Power, I was really blown away by some of the initiatives our members have in place to make their businesses more efficient, profitable and, most importantly, safe. Special mention must go to De Bruyn’s Transport’s new ship, the Aurora Australis, which is used for feed deliveries to fish farms.

I’d like to thank the teams at Caltas, Cresswells Transport, De Bruyn’s Transport, Hingston Transport, Lloyds North, SeaRoad Logistics, SRT Logistics and Tas Bulk Pak for hosting us during our trip. It was also great to visit local trailer manufacturer, Elphinstone Weighing Systems and Logging Trailers.

I always love to hear from TruckSafe members – I’ll be travelling to Victoria and South Australia next, so let me know if you’d like a visit. I’m also hoping to take part in some TruckWeek events in the first week of September.

17 July 2014
Get behind TruckWeek 2014

Every TruckSafe operator is invited to take part in TruckWeek 2014, a national event to raise the profile of the trucking industry held from 1-7 September this year.

TruckSafe National Manager Justin Fleming said TruckWeek was a great opportunity for TruckSafe operators to introduce themselves to their local community.

“TruckSafe operators go the extra mile to run the best businesses they can. TruckWeek is our chance to show our community what a safe and professional trucking operation looks like,” Justin said.

“I encourage every TruckSafe member to get behind TruckWeek and register an event. This event can be anything that suits your business – you could invite your local politician for a ride in the cab of one of your trucks, or perhaps hold a staff awards ceremony.

“I’d love to come along and visit your event during TruckWeek, so drop me a line at If you’re stuck for ideas, the TruckWeek website has a list of event ideas and helpful resources.”

Registered TruckWeek events will be added to the complete event listing and promoted through the ATA’s Twitter feed and the weekly Friday Facts newsletter. For more information or to register an event, go to the TruckWeek website.

27 June 2014
From the National Manager

Recently, I’ve been delighted to spend some time driving road trains while visiting TruckSafe member G&S Transport in Western Australia, as well as a trip up through north Queensland to visit some of our more remote members out that way.

It’s amazing to see what’s going on in Western Australia, where quads, road trains and other enormous combinations never seem to stop. Some photos from the trip are shown on the left.

I’d particularly like to thank Robert Bilato, Imelda Bilato and Toni ‘Kiwi’ Jeffreys from G&S Transport for hosting me during my WA trip, as well as all those Queensland members who opened their depot for a chat and a cuppa.

On behalf of the TruckSafe Board, it was also my pleasure to recognise some of our longest standing TruckSafe members.

These businesses have put safety first and supported the program right from the start, and I look forward to catching up with more of our founding members over the next few months.

10 June 2014
TruckSafe congratulates National Trucking Industry Award winners

The TruckSafe program is proud to congratulate all our members who were recognised at the 2014 National Trucking Industry Awards earlier this month.

The TruckSafe John Kelly Memorial Award went to Directhaul from Berrimah in the Northern Territory. Beginning as a single tanker operation out of Katherine in the early 80’s, today Directhaul operates a fleet of more than 90 prime movers and 290 trailers and dollies.

Brian “Spud” Murphy said the award recognised the efforts of Directhaul’s dedicated and hardworking team.

“It’s great for this award to keep recognising the dedication and passion of John Kelly. I’d like to thank my people and my management for understanding the importance and the value you get out of maintenance,” he said.

The TruckSafe Award finalists Sunchip Group and Rocky’s Own Transport were also recognised on the night for their exceptional work in implementing the program.

The Outstanding Contribution to the Australian Trucking Industry Award was presented to David Simon, the Managing Director of TruckSafe accredited business Simon National Carriers. David is also the immediate past Chair of the Australian Trucking Association.

Employed by TruckSafe member Hardy’s Haulage, the National Professional Driver of the Year Tom Scotney has travelled more than 6.3 million kilometres in his career and has not received a fine in the last decade.

TruckSafe accredited Toll Mining Services in Newburn, WA, took home the National Training Excellence Award for their extensive rollover prevention program.

And the Don Watson Memorial Award was presented to Tim Wedlock, the Managing Director of Austbrokers AEI Transport Insurance Brokers and an avid supporter of TruckSafe. AEI Transport Insurance Brokers have sponsored the TruckSafe John Kelly Memorial Award since its inception in 2011.

The National Trucking Industry Awards are sponsored by ATA Foundation Sponsors BP Australia, NTI and Volvo Trucks; Cummins South Pacific; Austbrokers AEI Transport; DECA and Castrol.

Find out more about the award winners

22 April 2014
TruckSafe mourns Terry Nolan, Mal Read

The trucking industry is this month mourning the loss of Nolan’s Interstate Transport co-founder Terry Nolan and TruckSafe Industry Accreditation Council (TIAC) member Malcolm ‘Mal’ Read.

TruckSafe Manager Justin Fleming said Mr Nolan and Mr Read had been strong supporters of the TruckSafe program and had contributed enormously to the program’s ongoing success.

“Terry and Daphne Nolan began Nolan’s Interstate Transport in Queensland in the early 1970s with three trucks and three employees. Today, it is one of the largest family owned transport businesses in Queensland,” Mr Fleming said.

“Terry was heavily involved in the development of the TruckSafe program, and Nolan’s Interstate Transport was one of the very first companies accredited under the program in 1996.

“Mal Read joined the NSW Police Cadets in 1965, retiring as a Senior Sergeant in 2010. Mal joined the TruckSafe Industry Accreditation Council in the same year, where he provided a valuable enforcement perspective to the operation of the TruckSafe program.

“Both Terry and Mal will be greatly missed, and our thoughts are with their families during this sad time.”

25 March 2014
TruckSafe welcomes Nightingale Transport and Xtra Transport Services

The TruckSafe safety accreditation program is proud to welcome Nightingale Transport and Xtra Transport Services as its newest accredited members.

Starting out as an owner/driver operation in 1994, today family business Nightingale Transport has a fleet of 17 trucks. With offices in Jimboomba (QLD) and Unanderra (NSW), the Nightingale Transport fleet provides service to all areas of Australia and specialises in open flat top trailers and over-dimension loads.

Xtra Transport Services has been in operation for more than 20 years. From its home depot in western Sydney, Xtra Transport Services specialises in the Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide transport routes.

22 January 2014
TruckSafe welcomes Eagle Contractors and Hawkins Bulk Haulage

The TruckSafe safety accreditation program is proud to welcome its newest members, Eagle Contractors (SA) and Hawkins Bulk Haulage (QLD).

Starting out as an owner/driver operation in 2004, Eagle Contractors now has a fleet of four and an extensive range of equipment servicing the Adelaide region.

Scott Tregeagle, the Managing Director of Eagle Contractors, said his company’s major priorities were customer satisfaction, driver health and a well maintained fleet.

“I think TruckSafe is a great concept. It’s a selling point with our customers, and shows we’re dedicated to safety and have all our policies and procedures in place,” Mr Tregeagle said.

Administration Manager Dannielle Tregeagle said they were very proud of the culture of continual improvement within the company.

“We regularly review our policies to make sure we’re as safe as we can be. It’s about being safe on the road, having safe vehicles, and looking after the environment,” she said.

“We just like to be professional – that’s all it is, isn’t it really?”

Hawkins Bulk Haulage Director Shane Hawkins said the TruckSafe program brought an extra degree of quality control and widened the horizons of his long-standing business.

“We’ve been running stock feed and grain around Queensland and northern NSW for the last 35 years – we joined the TruckSafe program to be a bit more professional and lay the groundwork for some bigger customers,” he said.

The Chief Executive of the Australian Trucking Association, Stuart St Clair, congratulated Eagle Contractors and Hawkins Bulk Haulage for joining the TruckSafe program.

“TruckSafe accredited businesses are some of Australia’s safest, because they go above and beyond the requirements of the law to meet the external TruckSafe standards and audits,” Mr St Clair said.

04 December 2013
TruckSafe welcomes Unanderra Tanker Hire

The TruckSafe safety accreditation program is proud to welcome its newest accredited member, Unanderra Tanker Hire (NSW).

Unanderra Tanker Hire specialises in the transport of bulk chemicals and liquid waste products throughout metro and regional NSW, and also operates along the eastern seaboard from Queensland to Victoria.

Starting life as a single truck operation 30 years ago, the Unanderra Tanker Hire fleet now ranges from rigid tankers through to semi-trailer and b-double configurations.

JJ Wiedl, the Director of Unanderra Tanker Hire, said the company was proud of its ability to be flexible and to put customer needs first.

“Unanderra Tanker Hire is family owned and operated, with family members involved with driving, compliance and depot maintenance. Our company is based on family values which provide low employee turnover and a customer focused operation,” Mr Wiedl said.

“By joining TruckSafe, we aim to improve our services, safety, systems and image, as well as align ourselves with industry bodies and companies who are all working to improve the trucking industry.

“We’ve recently taken over our own maintenance, and now have our own workshop and facilities. TruckSafe helps us make sure our maintenance and compliance is all up to standard.”

The Chief Executive of the Australian Trucking Association, Stuart St Clair, said TruckSafe accredited businesses were some of Australia’s safest.

“At a time when communities are seeking reassurance of the safety performance of our heavy vehicles, it’s great to see companies like Unanderra Tanker Hire putting safety first,” Mr St Clair said.

“We’re proud of our TruckSafe operators, and that’s why you can find the full list of accredited operators on the TruckSafe website.

“TruckSafe accredited businesses go above and beyond the safety standards required of them by law. They join because they care about having safe vehicles on our roads.”

12 July 2013
TruckSafe Manager returns from WA tour

TruckSafe Manager Justin Fleming has returned from his first tour of Western Australia, where he visited WA TruckSafe operators at their home depots.

During the trip, Justin also gave a presentation on the benefits of the TruckSafe program at the Livestock and Rural Transporters Association of Western Australia (LRTAWA) annual convention earlier this month.

“It was fantastic to see our WA TruckSafe operators, as well as the many other people who took the time to chat with me during the trip.

“I’m very grateful to Stephen Marley of Marley’s Transport for making this whole tour possible and hosting me during my visit to his home state.  As both the Chairman of TruckSafe and the President of LRTAWA, I’d like to thank Stephen for providing this opportunity to meet and speak with so many WA operators.

“It was also great to chat with WA MainRoads representatives about potential future joint projects between the WA Heavy Vehicle Accreditation scheme and TruckSafe, especially with the CoR legislation about to come into effect in WA.

“I look forward to following up with the many enquiries I received throughout WA.”

05 July 2013
Karlie Easter appointed to TruckSafe board

The trucking industry’s safety accreditation program, TruckSafe, is pleased to announce the appointment of Karlie Easter from Queensland transport company K.S. Easter to the TruckSafe Board.

Mrs Easter has a Bachelor of Commerce with majors in Human Resources and Industrial Relations, and has previously been an Industrial Advocate for Commerce Qld and HR Manager for CitiStreet.

TruckSafe Chairman Stephen Marley said he was delighted to welcome Mrs Easter to the Board.

“Karlie brings a new perspective to the TruckSafe board. As the Compliance manager for a successful TruckSafe accredited business, she has extensive on the ground experience with the day-to-day implementation of the program,” Mr Marley said.

“I welcome Karlie’s appointment, and I look forward to seeing her input into the TruckSafe program.”
Mrs Easter said she looked forward to working with the board as they continue to develop the TruckSafe program.

“As part of the board, I’ll be working to see greater recognition and incentives for operators who join the TruckSafe program,” Mrs Easter said.

“TruckSafe operators are operators who have gone beyond their legal requirements to make sure their business is safe, reliable and professional, and they deserve recognition for their efforts.

“I also aim to see TruckSafe building strong links with the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator, so operators know that their accreditation is recognised nationally.”

06 June 2013
Diabetes medical standard updated

The National Transport Commission has amended the Assessing Fitness to Drive medical standards to provide more information
for medical practitioners assessing drivers with insulin-treated diabetes.

Under the standards, a commercial driver with insulin-treated diabetes can hold a conditional licence subject to at least an annual review, taking into consideration the nature of the driving task and information provided by a specialist in endocrinology or diabetes on whether a number of criteria are met, including that the condition is satisfactorily controlled.

The amendment changes the definition of satisfactorily controlled for both private and commercial drivers to read:

When assessing whether the criteria for a conditional licence are met, for the purposes of the assessment diabetes can generally be considered to be “satisfactorily controlled” if there is a glycated haemoglobin (HbA1c) level of less than 9.0% (75 mmol/mol) measured within the preceding three months, as against a general goal of less than 7.0% in people with diabetes. A HbA1c level of 9.0% or higher should usually trigger a formal consultation and assessment by a specialist or
clinician experienced in the management of diabetes, in order to assess fitness to drive.
[Amendment bolded]

Because commercial drivers with insulin-treated diabetes must be reviewed by specialists, the revised wording makes it clear that the definition provides guidance only: specialists can make their own clinical judgements about whether drivers are fit to drive.

The amendment also applies to non-specialist medical practitioners conducting driver licensing assessments for private vehicle drivers.

TruckSafe uses Assessing Fitness to Drive as its medical standard. Specialists conducting medical assessments of TruckSafe drivers with insulin-dependent diabetes should apply the new definition now.

The revised pages of AFTD 2012 are available [PDF, 284KB], as is an updated version of the full standards [PDF, 4.8MB].

27 March 2013
Ron Crouch Transport joins TruckSafe

NSW based Ron Crouch Transport is the latest business to join the TruckSafe industry accreditation program.

Ron Crouch Transport was founded in 1978 by Ronald and Beverley Crouch, and remains 100 per cent family owned. It has more than 750 customers with the company fleet of 30 trucks and 47 trailers.

Based in Wagga Wagga, Ron Crouch Transport also operates depots in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane and Canberra to provide services right across Australia’s south-east corner.

Managing Director Geoff Crouch said his goal was to always live up to the company motto of ‘transport you can trust.’

“As far as I’m concerned, there’s nothing more important than knowing that our fleet is a safe, professional and reliable fleet,” Mr Crouch said.

“Our clients and staff alike deserve to know they can depend on our equipment and procedures. With training, maintenance, management and workplace health and safety standards, TruckSafe helps us ensure that our fleet is first-rate.”

TruckSafe Chairman Stephen Marley congratulated Ron Crouch Transport on becoming TruckSafe accredited.

“TruckSafe operators take the extra step of making their business as safe as possible,” Mr Marley said.

“Our members are dedicated to providing the safest possible service for their staff, their clients and the community at large.

“I’m delighted to welcome Ron Crouch Transport to the TruckSafe program. It will now join the list of TruckSafe members at If you want to deal with safe trucking businesses, use the TruckSafe businesses listed on our website.”

10 March 2013

TruckSafe auditor Nigel Smith has put together a best practice guide to help businesses keep up to date with their risk assessments.

It’s easy to rush through the risk assessment process, or skip it entirely if you and your business are in a busy period. However, it’s critical that you keep your risk assessments current.

It’s much easier to spend the time to do a quick pre-trip vehicle check than to deal with the consequences of a road accident.

Download the best practice risk assessment guide [PDF]

13 February 2013
Formula Chemicals gains TruckSafe accreditation

The TruckSafe industry safety accreditation program is proud to welcome Formula Chemicals (NSW) as its newest accredited member.

Formula Chemicals is one of Australia’s largest, privately owned chemical companies. Founded in 1973, Formula Chemicals provides a wide range of industrial and water treatment chemicals to clients from Albury to Taree.

Leigh Smart, the Director of Formula Chemicals, said the company philosophy has always been to directly service customers using the Formula Chemicals fleet in as safe a manner as possible.

“Safety is of major concern to us – the chemicals we deal with can be dangerous if handled incorrectly, so we make sure we keep up to date with all the latest training and regulations,” Mr Smart said.

“For example, all our trucks are specially designed to contain any spill in the event of an accident, are tracked by GPS, and replaced once they are three years old.

“Joining TruckSafe is one of the ways we go above and beyond the requirements of the law. Although the Formula Chemicals fleet is already NHVAS and RMS Clean Fleet accredited, the TruckSafe program gives us procedures and guidance to make our safety management systems top of the line.

“Our highest priority is keeping our drivers, customers, community and environment safe and healthy. TruckSafe helps us make sure we put safety first.”

The Chief Executive of the Australian Trucking Association, Stuart St Clair, congratulated Formula Chemicals for taking steps to become one of Australia’s safest trucking operators.

“If you use a TruckSafe accredited business, you know you’re dealing with a safe, professional operator,” Mr St Clair said.

“Transporting dangerous goods is an area that requires great care and attention to detail, and it’s great to see a company like Formula Chemicals taking their responsibilities so seriously.”

18 December 2012
TruckSafe welcomes two new members

NSW based Macquarie Valley Transport and Queensland business Australian Heavy Logistics are finishing the year on a high note, having been accepted as the newest members of the TruckSafe industry safety accreditation program.

Australian Heavy Logistics specialises in providing heavy logistics services to the oil, gas and mining industries, as well as undertaking major project work throughout Australia.

Managing Director of Australian Heavy Logistics, Chris Miers said TruckSafe accreditation was the natural progression in their continued efforts to honour their core business values.

“Our specialist staff pride ourselves in our uncompromising dedication to safety, the highest quality equipment, accountability for our actions and service, and integrity in our dealings with all. TruckSafe provides us with guidance on how to improve our performance even further into the future.”

Kevin and Lea Munro, the owners of Macquarie Valley Transport, said they aimed to improve their productivity with the benefits of TruckSafe’s fleet management protocols.

“We’re a general carrier, and transport a lot of farm chemicals for the cotton industry,” Mrs Munro said.

“Joining TruckSafe is our way of moving outside the square and setting our business up to go further in the future.”

TruckSafe Chairman Stephen Marley said he was pleased to welcome the new members to TruckSafe, becoming some of Australia’s safest trucking operators.

“TruckSafe is dedicated to assisting trucking operators to provide safe and professional service to their customers and the community at large,” he said.

“Joining TruckSafe is an action that benefits the operator, their staff and the community.  I’d like to congratulate Macquarie Valley Transport and Australian Heavy Logistics on welcoming 2013 as TruckSafe accredited members.”

07 December 2012
Mainfreight Albury and Ballarat join TruckSafe
The trucking industry’s safety accreditation program, TruckSafe, is pleased to announce its newest members: Mainfreight Albury and Ballarat.

The Mainfreight (NZSX: MFT) name is well known, with its international network of road, rail, sea and air transport stretching through America, Asia, Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

Now, the Albury and Ballarat arms of its road freight network proudly wear the TruckSafe tick, marking them as some of Australia’s safest trucking operators.

TruckSafe Chairman Stephen Marley said he was delighted to welcome Mainfreight into the TruckSafe family.

“TruckSafe strives to improve safety outcomes for operators, and provide safe management systems to cope with the ever-changing business needs of the trucking industry,” Stephen said.

“We are excited to be joined by Mainfreight – a company that is genuinely committed to improving road safety.”

Maureen Kemp, Mainfreight’s National Compliance Manager, said joining the TruckSafe program was an easy choice.

“The TruckSafe program was recommended to us as their team of experts is able to provide us with up to date changes in legislation and advice on all matters concerning road safety,” Maureen said.

“Mainfreight is a company dedicated to making sure every single one of our trucks is a safe truck. TruckSafe helps us to make sure our record keeping is up to date, our vehicles are regularly maintained to the highest standard and our drivers are trained to be the most courteous and compliant on our roads.

“Mainfreight is a global company built on three pillars: Culture, Family and Philosophy. Our team members are passionate about providing the best service possible to our customers.

“Our philosophy is based around caring for the environment and the community, immaculate image and presentation and are we are an enduring company built by many good people not just a few. Our company motto refers to the belief that what sets us apart is the quality of our people and the special Mainfreight culture we are all so proud of.”

21  November 2012
GBR Transport – Australia’s newest TruckSafe member

The trucking industry’s safety accreditation program, TruckSafe, is pleased to announce its newest member, GBR Transport.

GBR Transport is fully Australian owned company with a fleet of 12 prime movers, 6 refrigerated trailers and 6 refrigerated rigid trucks based in Carrum Downs, Victoria.

GBR General Manager Paul English said the company decided to join TruckSafe as an important step toward ensuring they were abiding by all their legal requirements.

“As part of TruckSafe, we’ve changed the way we do a lot of things. The TruckSafe standards give us confidence that our drivers are fit for work, our vehicles are roadworthy, our maintenance is up to scratch and our workshop has clear procedures to follow,” Mr English said.

The Chief Executive of the Australian Trucking Association, Stuart St Clair, congratulated GBR Transport for taking steps to become one of Australia’s safest trucking operators.

“If you use a TruckSafe accredited business, you know you’re dealing with a safe, professional operator,” Mr St Clair said.

“TruckSafe operators are required to meet rigorous standards in management, maintenance, workplace safety and driver health, and training. Being TruckSafe accredited is not just a matter of ticking boxes, but changing the way you do business.

“There are lots of accreditation programs out there, but TruckSafe is the only one that changes a business’s safety culture.

“Independent statistics show that TruckSafe operators are twice as safe as non-accredited operators, while insurance statistics from National Transport Insurance show that TruckSafe operators make a third fewer insurance claims than non-accredited operators.”

TruckSafe is formally recognised in Victoria as an industry code of practice under the state’s road safety law.

03  November 2012
TruckSafe Manager visits Tasmania

National TruckSafe Manager Justin Fleming and  TruckSafe Deputy Chairman Owen Driscoll travelled to Hobart last week to attend the Tasmanian Transport Association’s annual dinner.

Justin said the trip was an excellent opportunity to catch up with several of TruckSafe’s Tasmanian members, and has made plans to return in the new year to continue meeting with local operators.

“It was especially good to see Phil, Janice and the team from Lloyd’s North, who were finalists in this year’s John Kelly TruckSafe Memorial Award,” he said.

“I was also able to meet with Minister for Infrastructure, David O’Byrne, who is very supportive of the TruckSafe program in Tasmania.

“I’d like to thank everyone who took the time to meet with Owen and me during this trip, and look forward to seeing all of our Tasmanian members on my return trip with the TruckSafe ute next year.”

02 November 2012
Jacinta McCaulay named Safety Ambassador of the Year

Jacinta Macaulay from Ron Finemore Transport has this week been recognised as the Safe Work Australia 2012 Safety Ambassador of the year.

The award was presented by the Minister for Employment and Workplace Relations, Bill Shorten, at a ceremony in Parliament House.

Jacinta is a Return to Work and Claims Officer at Ron Finemore Transport, which has been a member of the TruckSafe industry accreditation program since 2004.

Jacinta received the award in recognition for her work in identifying and creating methods to minimise common truck related injuries, including the development of a Fifth Wheel Coupling Aid and retro fitting of chequer plating to truck access ladders.

She also introduced the ‘Air Hawk Truck Seat’ to minimise injuries for truck drivers and helped develop work health and safety training for new starters

25 May 2012
TruckSafe winners at National Trucking Industry Awards

TruckSafe members found themselves well represented at the 2012 National Trucking Industry Awards, presented at the ATA Foundation Sponsors Gala Dinner in Parramatta on Friday.

The TruckSafe John Kelly Memorial Award, proudly sponsored by Austbrokers AEI Transport, went to Cleary Bros Pty Ltd, based in Port Kembla, NSW. Steve Crandell, Transport Manager, and Les Lipinski, Maintenance Manager, were thrilled to accept the award.

“This award is everything, everything we’ve worked to achieve. John was a driving force to get us into the TruckSafe program to begin with,” Mr Crandell said.

“TruckSafe is making a real difference for putting out for tenders, and we’re building from strength to strength.”

Mr Lipinski added, “I’m proud to have safe trucks on our roads, that’s what it’s all about.”

The Outstanding Contribution to the Australian Trucking Industry Award, sponsored by Foundation Sponsors BP Australia, NTI and Volvo Group Australia, went to Tony McGrath of McGrath Newcastle.

Tony is a TruckSafe Director, and McGrath Newcastle a proud TruckSafe member.

“The industry has been my whole life since I left school. It’s all I’ve ever done and all I’ve wanted to do. The industry has been very kind to me, and tonight’s award makes me a pretty proud truckie,” he said.

The winner of the Highway Guardian Award, sponsored by Continental Tyres Australia, was Tim Chellas from Linfox Linehaul, the first TruckSafe-accredited Linfox division. Tim discovered during his obligatory TruckSafe pre-trip check that his in-cab fire extinguisher was faulty. He replaced the extinguisher, and one month later used it to save a fellow truck driver’s life as his B-double rolled and began to burn.

While Tim said he had just done what anyone would do, Warren Kaeding, Linfox National Compliance Manager, said that the award was a triumph for both Tim and Linfox’s compliance program.

“If Tim had not completed the pre-trip check that is obligatory through our membership in the TruckSafe Industry Accreditation program, we would be telling the horror story of a man burned to death in his cab, not of Tim’s heroic rescue,” Warren said.

See the full list of winners and their stories

09 May 2012
Angus Draheim appointed to TruckSafe Industry Accreditation Council

The ATA has appointed the Assistant Project Director of the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) project, Angus Draheim, as a member of the TruckSafe Industry Accreditation Council (TIAC).

TIAC’s primary role is to review and make recommendations about operators wishing to enter or renew with the TruckSafe industry accreditation program. TIAC also makes recommendations to the TruckSafe Board to improve TruckSafe standards and audits.

Angus joined the Queensland Department of Transport in 2001, and has been involved in vehicle, freight and safety engineering roles. Before joining the NHVR project office, he held the roles of Assistant Director of Vehicles and Road Use, and Director of Freight and Vehicle Systems Strategy.

TIAC is chaired by Professor Michael Coper, the Dean of Law at the Australian National University.

“I’d like to welcome Angus to the council, and look forward to working with him,” Michael said.

“He’s very well qualified to carry on the important work of TIAC in promoting high safety standards and best practice in the trucking industry.”

23 February 2012
TruckSafe speed management rules

This week has seen a great deal of media coverage about a police investigation into alleged speed limiter issues at a TruckSafe accredited business.

All TruckSafe accredited businesses are required to comply with stringent speed management rules.

All TruckSafe audits since June 2011 have examined compliance with these rules. All future TruckSafe audits will cover them too.

TruckSafe is the only trucking industry accreditation program that audits compliance with speed management and speed limiter maintenance requirements. We do this because speeding is a major cause of truck accidents. Having an effective speed management policy is essential to running a safe trucking business.

The ATA has separately called this week for the police to take a tougher approach to speed enforcement. The ATA has called for more on-road enforcement, and for the police to issue a defect notice to any truck found travelling on the flat at more than 100 km/h.

The ATA has also called for stronger chain of responsibility enforcement against customers that demand unrealistic and unsafe schedules, and for trucking businesses to be notified when an employee commit a traffic offence in a company vehicle.

You can read the details of the TruckSafe speed management rules in the update sent to accredited businesses today.

22 February 2012
New truck driver medical standards

Truck drivers will be subject to new medical standards from 1 March.

The new standards draw on recent research and expert opinion about the impact of medical conditions on driving ability and crash risk.

They focus on conditions likely to affect a driver’s fitness to drive, including cardiovascular conditions, diabetes, sleep disorders and alcohol and substance misuse.

The standards were developed by the National Transport Commission.

The ATA’s TruckSafe program uses the medical standards in Assessing Fitness to Drive to underpin its driver health module.

From 1 March, all TruckSafe medicals are to be conducted under the new standards, because they reflect the latest medical research.

However, TruckSafe will continue to use its own medical forms for both patients and doctors.

11 October 2011
Victoria recognises TruckSafe as an industry code of practice

The Victorian Government has formally recognised the trucking industry’s safety accreditation program, TruckSafe, as an industry code of practice under the state’s Road Safety Act.

The decision means it will be easier for TruckSafe accredited operators to prove they have taken reasonable steps to prevent breaches of the road safety laws. It recognises that TruckSafe operators are required to meet stringent standards to maintain their accreditation.

The Chairman of the Australian Trucking Association, David Simon, announced Victoria’s registration of TruckSafe as an industry code of practice when he opened the 2011 TruckSafe Forum in Sydney today. The forum is part of the PACCAR and Dealer Technical and Maintenance Conference.

“Under the chain of responsibility laws, all parties in the supply chain must take reasonable steps to prevent breaches of the driver fatigue, speed, and mass, dimension and load restraint rules,” Mr Simon said.

“The Victorian Government’s recognition of TruckSafe as an industry code of practice confirms that complying with the letter and spirit of the TruckSafe standards, rules and code of conduct is a way that businesses can take reasonable steps to prevent road transport law breaches.”

Mr Simon said joining TruckSafe was a major – but worthwhile – business decision.

“The TruckSafe standards are clear and straightforward, but meeting them can require a business to make major changes to the way it operates,” Mr Simon said.

“The rewards, however, are worthwhile. A growing number of industry customers now require firms to be accredited, to meet their own chain of responsibility obligations. Independent statistics show that TruckSafe businesses are twice as safe as non-accredited operators, with far fewer vehicle defects.

“And now the Victorian Government has recognised that proven compliance with the TruckSafe standards is evidence that you have taken reasonable steps to prevent safety breaches in the areas covered by the standards. It’s an extra level of assurance for TruckSafe operators and their customers or prime contractors,” he said.

TruckSafe accredited operators are required to meet special management, maintenance, driver health and training standards. Their compliance with those standards is audited regularly by external auditors.

Operators accredited under TruckSafe automatically meet the environmental criteria to receive the Australian Government’s 15.043 cents per litre fuel tax credit, and automatically meet the Queensland Government’s requirement that all its contractors have quality assurance programs.

15 September 2011
Bob Waldron appointed to TruckSafe board

The trucking industry’s safety accreditation program, TruckSafe, is pleased to announce the appointment of Bob Waldron, the Executive Director of the Transport Industries Skills Centre in the ACT, to the TruckSafe Board.

TruckSafe is the trucking industry’s leader in business and risk management and is aimed at improving the safety and professionalism of trucking operators nationwide. Trucking operators accredited under TruckSafe are twice as safe as non-accredited operators.

TruckSafe Chairman Stephen Marley said Mr Waldron was a valuable addition to the board, with an extensive history of managing safety in the industry.

“Mr Waldron is leading an organisation that is promoting and developing a safety focused driver education system, to help provide a skilled workforce for the transport industry,” said Mr Marley.

“The skills centre is also part of the national Transport and Logistics Industry Skills Council network, and helps develop industry competency standards, which forms the basis of nationally accredited training.

“This is very much in line with the TruckSafe accreditation, which is based on four key standards: training, management, maintenance, and workplace and driver health.”

Mr Marley said the TruckSafe board would be focusing on upgrading the driver health standard over the next few months.

“The Board will be looking at workplace health and safety, driver health screening (including medicals), the role of the medical practitioner, rehabilitation and fatigue management.

“The TruckSafe board is made up of a group of committed and professional individuals and Bob’s appointment, with his extensive experience, will bring another perspective to the ongoing work of the board.”

2 September 2011
TruckSafe Manager appointed to road safety collaboration group

Australian Trucking Association’s TruckSafe Manager, Justin Fleming, has been has been invited to represent the trucking industry on a new road safety body to help fight the road death epidemic.

The ‘33,900: The Australian Road Safety Collaboration’ group, has been established to help fight the number one killer of people aged 10-24 year olds – road crashes.

While the number of fatalities involving heavy vehicles has steadily decreased, the number of accidents involving other vehicles remains at an unacceptable high.

33,900 is the number of Australians who were killed or seriously injured in road crashes in Australia in 2010.

Mr Fleming said it was an honour to work with a dedicated group of people who were working hard to improve safety on Australia’s roads.

“The trucking industry is also working hard to educate, particularly our younger drivers, on how to share the road safely with trucks,” he said.

As the manager for TruckSafe, the industry’s leading risk and safety management system, Mr Fleming said he understood the importance of a holistic approach to the road safety issue and said the group had identified a number of gaps in the national road safety strategy that would benefit from the new collaboration.

“As a group, we have a huge pool of experience and knowledge to help set a clear direction and achieve safer roads. We can make a difference,” he said.

The collaboration forms part of the United Nations Decade of Action for Road Safety and will focus on creating awareness, assisting road safety agencies and will support road safety activities.

The group is made up of representatives from the areas of road safety management, safer roads and mobility, safer vehicles, safer road users and post-crash response.

6 April 2011

Safer loading and unloading

TruckSafe member company K&S Freighters has led an industry committee to develop best practice guidelines to prevent loading and unloading accidents.

The compliance manager at K&S Freighters, Simon Skazlic, said the safety of truck drivers and other personnel around mobile plant during loading and unloading was a significant safety issue for every business in the supply chain.

“Accidents during vehicle loading and unloading cause severe injuries and deaths every year,” Mr Skazlic said.

“We identified three fundamental principles that should be incorporated into any system for managing loading and unloading. These are:

  • forklifts and other equipment used for loading and unloading, and drivers and other pedestrians, should be segregated;
  • authority for the area where loading and unloading is occurring should reside with the forklift operator; and
  • if the driver ceases to be in the direct line of sight of the forklift operator, then activity should immediately stop until line of sight is re-established.

“The LUEZ (loading, unloading exclusion zones) guidelines provide best practice controls for implementing these principles.

“These controls include using standard colours to mark no-go and safe zones, so visiting drivers and employees who change jobs can see at a glance where they are safe. At the moment, the industry is all over the place,” he said.

Mr Skazlic will deliver a keynote presentation about the guidelines at the 2011 Australian Trucking Convention, which will be held at the National Convention Centre, Canberra, from 25-28 May.

“As a result of my presentation, delegates will be able to apply these best practice controls as soon as they get back to work on Monday. They’re not expensive. They work,” he said.

“I will also talk about how our LUEZ Steering Committee worked together to develop these guidelines, as a great example of how the industry can work with government to improve safety.

To register for the 2011 Australian Trucking Convention, visit To download the LUEZ guidelines, click here.

4 March 2011

Stephen Marley appointed as TruckSafe chairman

The General Manager of Marley’s Transport, Stephen Marley, has been appointed as the new chairman of TruckSafe, the trucking industry’s safety accreditation scheme.

Mr Marley said one of his objectives as chairman would be to encourage more operators to join TruckSafe.

“As chairman, I want to follow on the good work already done and try to encourage more operators to join Trucksafe for the benefits it offers their business and for the satisfaction of knowing they are in the top percentage of carriers in the country,” Stephen said.

“Trucksafe is the premier risk management system for road transport in Australia. I have now been on the board of Trucksafe for over 10 years. I have found it rewarding to be involved with fellow operators and industry representatives who want to raise the safety standards in our industry, as well as protect operators from changes in legislation.

“My thanks go to outgoing chairman Bernie Belacic on a job well done,” he said.

TruckSafe Chief Executive Stuart St Clair said TruckSafe accreditation was a straightforward way for trucking businesses and customers to manage their obligations under the chain of responsibility laws.

“Companies in TruckSafe are twice as safe as non-accredited ones. They have responsible work practices, well maintained vehicles, healthy and trained drivers and management systems to meet their customers’ needs,” Stuart said.

Marley’s Transport ( is one of the largest grain transporters in the southern hemisphere. The company transports about 10 per cent of Western Australia’s grain harvest, with more than 40 trucks and 100 trailers.

21 January 2011

TruckSafe welcomes new board member

TruckSafe, the trucking industry’s own business and safety management scheme, has welcomed Queensland trucking manager Darren Nolan to its board.

Mr Nolan is the Compliance Manager of Nolan’s Transport, one of Australia’s largest and most respected trucking companies.

Based at Gatton in Queensland, Nolan’s Transport is known as a leader in safety and efficiency.

In his role, Mr Nolan oversees all quality and food safety related activities, audits, investigations, fatigue, claims, legislation and business processes.

Mr Nolan has presented papers across the world about truck driver fatigue and systems, and has worked extensively with transport agencies and associations to improve the road transport industry.

TruckSafe Chief Executive, Stuart St Clair, said Mr Nolan’s addition to the TruckSafe Board will help ensure the program remains at the forefront of safety and business management.

“Through his work at Nolan’s, Darren has shown he is committed to continually improving safety in the trucking industry,” Mr St Clair said.

“I have no doubt he will bring that commitment to his work on the TruckSafe board.”

TruckSafe is the trucking industry’s business and safety management scheme. Hundreds of companies use the procedures in the TruckSafe manuals to become safer and more competitive, with independent statistics showing that TruckSafe companies are twice as safe as non-accredited companies.

5 January 2010

TruckSafe website continues to grow

In 2010, the TruckSafe website has continued to grow into a fantastic resource for both TruckSafe members and those in the trucking industry looking at improving their safety.
In its end of year report, TruckSafe’s website host,, announced that, in 2010, the website had 18,000 page views.
“The average container ship can carry about 4,500 containers. This blog was viewed about 18,000 times in 2010,” the report said.
“If each view were a shipping container, your blog would have filled about four fully loaded ships.”
One of the biggest changes to the TruckSafe website was the launch of the TruckSafe members’ gallery. The gallery gives members a chance to advertise their business, show off their trucks and let those interested in heavy vehicles the chance to leave their feedback.
The report shows that, since launching, 134 trucks have been added to the gallery, about three new pictures a week.
You can find out more and view the gallery by clicking here.

23 September 2010

Austbrokers AEI Insurance joins with the ATA for safety award

Austbrokers AEI Transport Insurance will partner with the Australian Trucking Association (ATA) to sponsor a new award recognising the safest trucking operators in Australia.
The TruckSafe John Kelly Memorial Award, which will be awarded as part of the ATA’s National Trucking Industry Awards, will recognise a TruckSafe accredited operator that has successfully implemented the program and encouraged others to join TruckSafe.
TruckSafe is the ATA’s business and risk management system, aimed at improving the safety and professionalism of trucking operators nationwide.
Nominees must be currently TruckSafe accredited and be able to demonstrate:
  • documented driver retention improvements;
  • measured improvements in LTI or road accidents;
  • that it has won or retained work contracts because of accreditation; and
  • a reputation for integrity and ethical behaviour in trucking.
The award will be presented for the first time at the Australian Trucking Convention in May 2011 and is named after the late John Kelly, an early stalwart of the TruckSafe program and later the NSW Risk Manager for National Transport Insurance (NTI).
John was heavily involved in the early development of Team 200 (the predecessor of TruckSafe), helped in the development of fatigue management programs and assisted in implementing a number of driver training programs.
ATA Chief Executive, Stuart St Clair, said the award will play an important part of the National Trucking Industry Awards.
“TruckSafe accredited operators are already recognised as amongst the safest on the road. Independent research shows accredited operators are twice as safe as other trucking businesses,” Mr St Clair.
“This award will go one step further and recognise the best of the best. It will seek out those who not only meet the TruckSafe standard, but run their businesses with a complete focus on safety”
The sponsor of the award, Austbrokers AEI Transport Insurance, has specialised as insurance brokers for the trucking industry for over 20 years.
AEI provides insurance solutions and advice to many trucking operators. The company aims to take away the pain of insurance management, allowing operators to get on with the running of their businesses.
For more information on the National Trucking Industry Awards, including the TruckSafe John Kelly Memorial Award, visit For more information on AEI visit

30 March 2010

Keep an eye out for the new TruckSafe ute

To help promote the brand,  TruckSafe has unveiled a new vehicle bearing the TruckSafe logo. Manager of TruckSafe, Justin Fleming, will use the ute in his travels around Australia. If you see it on the road, make sure you give Justin a wave.

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